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Advanced Honeycomb Technologies Corporation

Manufacturing Honeycomb to Customer Specifications
Advanced Honeycomb Technologies manufactures a wide range of honeycomb core for aerospace and commercial applications. Advanced Honeycomb Technology honeycomb meets or exceeds contractor and military specifications, and it is used in products as diverse as commercial and military aircraft, communications and transportation equipment, space vehicles, construction materials and recreational and sporting goods.

  • The modern Advanced Honeycomb Technology facility is located in San Marcos, California, 30 miles north of San Diego. The plant is equipped with an innovative research and development laboratory, efficient new production equipment and is monitored by a quality control program.

    The senior technical staff at Advanced Honeycomb Technology has extensive experience in the research and development of high-quality honeycomb core. They are available to work with design engineers to find new honeycomb solutions to technical problems.

    Additionally, Advanced Honeycomb Technology engineers can assist customers with special processing. Honeycomb can be supplied in custom contours and irregular configurations to meet specific design requirements.

A Versatile Material For Complex Assemblies

Since it's introduction in the 1940's as a core material in the sandwich construction of airframes, honeycomb has become an important product in aerospace and industrial design.

  • Honeycomb's lightweight, high-strength properties and environmental durability have satisfied a broad range of applications. It has also been a catalyst for the invention of entirely new products. Among honeycomb's characteristics are:

    • High Strength-to-weight ratio as a sandwich core
    • High aerodynamic efficiency
    • High ratio of exposed surface area to total volume
    • Constant crushing strength under compression
    • Uniform distribution of stress in a sandwich structure
    • Outstanding rigidity
    • Excellent fatigue properties, including acoustical fatigue
    • Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation
    • Resilience and fire resistance
    • Resistance to moisture and other corrosive attack

    Honeycomb has proven a highly versatile material in the fabrication of complex assemblies requiring simple and compound curvatures. With its superior strength-to-weight ratio, honeycomb has enhanced the performance of aircraft, space vehicles, satellites and other important products of the aerospace and defense industries.

    Today new materials such as advanced composites and advanced processing techniques have broadened the applications of this unique and flexible component.

Production at Advanced Honeycomb Technology
At Advanced Honeycomb Technology honeycomb is made from continuous webs of Nomex®, kraft grade paper, advanced composites. The geometric configuration provides unique characteristics which can be combined with the qualities of the materials used. For example, materials not normally considered for load-bearing or fatigue-resistance can be utilized as honeycomb with significant weight savings.

  • The two most common manufacturing methods for honeycomb are "expanded" and "corrugated." The expanded method joins the material at the nodes with an adhesive bond prior to expanding the honeycomb into its characteristic honeycomb shape. The corrugated method joins pre-formed base material together at the nodes.

    Honeycomb thickness, density and core type, plus the thickness and type of facing materials, can be widely varied to produce a very broad range of honeycomb products.

    All honeycomb manufactured by Advanced Honeycomb Technology is rigorously tested for durability and integrity, strength and corrosion resistance.


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